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KeeTouch 31.5” KOT-0315U-CA4P Open Frame

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Характеристикина дисплея 
Резолюция: 1920 × 1080 
Диагонал: 31,5 " 
Цветове : 16.7 милиона 
Сензорна технология: Капацитивен 
Точки на докосване: Десет точков мулти тъч

Цифрово видео: DVI, HDMI 
Аналогово видео: VGA 
Сензорен екран: USB

Входно напрежение: 12 V, 4 A 
Консумирана мощност: Макс. 30 W

Touch monitor KeeTouch 31” Open Frame KOT-0320U-CA4P is designed specifically for easy integration in various types of equipment. It has a long-lasting operation. The monitor has several options for mounting. A solid framework and durable glass serve as a protection for the LCD screen from mechanical impact. The front panel of the monitor is protected from dust contamination. Projected-capacitive multi-touch panel has high accuracy, supports multi-touch option and perfectly suits for public places, both indoor and outdoor environment. Multi-touch panel accepts input by a finger or a special stylus.
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Производител Keetouch
Гаранция, месеци 12M
Цвят Черен
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